Reviving Home

Reviving Home aims to help displaced people to rebuild and revive war / crisis torn-cities

In short words

The Background

Syria has been labeled the worst man-made disaster since World War II. Over 500.000 people have lost their lives or have disappeared over the last six years. More than 5 million Syrians have left the country, an additional 6 million people are internally displaced. A new report by the World Bank comes to the conclusion that 27 % of Syria’s infrastructure is either completely or partially destroyed. The war in Syria has thus become a tragedy of enormous magnitude. Despite the ongoing conflict, people are looking for ways and means to return to their homes.

The Challenge

Property owners who want to come back to their destroyed properties face a number of challenges. Mostly they lack the financial resources to rebuild their home or business.

The property owners often have fled and now live in other cities or even in other countries. In addition they also lack access to skilled labor that can carry out the reconstruction measures.

This is where „Reviving Home“ comes in.

Our Solution

Reviving Home is a crowdfunding platform that assists people with rebuilding and reviving their crisis-torn cities. It helps to reconstruct private property by connecting property owners with reconstruction experts, workers & volunteers and micro funders.

Our platform helps owners to acquire the necessary funds and to find reconstruction experts on site. These experts coordinate and oversee each reconstruction project locally working together with both volunteers and workers.

We thus encourage early reconstruction from the bottom up - one house, one neighborhood at a time.

Reviving Home connects

Work process

How reviving home works ?

Step 1:

 Property owners choose a reconstruction expert from our database who becomes the trustee of the reconstruction project.

Step 2:

The trustee evaluates the status quo of the building and comes up with a cost estimation.

Step 3:

 Property owner and trustee set up a joint project on the platform.

Step 4: 

The crowdfunding campaign can start!

Step 5:

The money the project acquires is used to plan, implement and oversee the reconstruction work by the trustee.

Step 6:

 Upon completion, everyone is happy: the property owner has reconstructed his house or shop. The trustee receives a share of the money to cover his costs. A small percentage of the acquired money is reserved for the running of the platform itself.

What makes us unique

We BELIEVE in CoOPERATE to make the world better place

We empower communities to rebuild their cities:

 Our platform offers an innovative path that
allows ordinary people to take the rehabilitation of their homes, streets and businesses into their
own hands - from the bottom up, from neighbor to neighbor.

We offer an innovative form of funding: 

Our platform mobilizes private capital for reconstruction - which is a first! It thus complements global, regional and national efforts of public spending for reconstruction.

We stand for transparency:

 Our platform seeks to fight corruption by creating higher transparency: we make initial baseline assessments public, we channel funds via vetted trustees and we document progress of each rehabilitation project.

We provide perspectives for people who wish to return: 

Many Syrians who have fled their home
city or home country hope to return at some point in the future. Our platform provides those
with property in the country to rehabilitate their homes and businesses from a distance thus
allowing them to prepare for their safe return.

We enable diaspora communities to play their part:

Our platform enables Syrians to help each
other - even those living outside the country who still want to help their compatriots.

We want to build A
sustainable social business: 

We are not interested in profits but in people
and a sustainable business model.


By joining our amazing volunteers team you are doing great by offering part of your time for our needy, and by donation you give part of your funds to help them. By sharing in your network you give all your feeling in Human needs.

Become a Volunteer

Supporting us with your time and efforts, bring hope for all the families and telling them that they stand not alone.

Make a Donation

With your donation you are bringing a smile to all the members of the families who are waiting our help.

Help Renew Sahar`s flat after the war

Sahar's family home has been damaged by the war in Homs, but she doesn't have the money to rebuild it. Through our local knowledge and contacts, we have plans, quotes and local tradespeople ready to go, all that is missing is the money to pay them. 

Donate for Sahar and bring the smile for her family.


We write regular posts about the cities where we are working for, you can follow us to know about our development process.

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The Creative Team

From different directions our amazing team bring hope for others ... if you believe so come and  join us 

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